Clayton Philbrook been contacted by someone from Vinalhaven about finding a Matinicus resident who would be interested in performing Census duties here on the island. Pay is $20/hr.

Training would be conducted in Rockland and the Census Bureau would probably pay for meals and lodging, if you have no place to stay on the mainland, for the two days it would take.

Actual Census work would start sometime in early April

The only requirements are: 1) Not be an elected official; 2) Have an email address which I assume means some level of computer literacy; and, 3) based on the time frame mentioned above, be on Matinicus for the month of April. I am not sure if the Census Bureau would provide the laptop or if paper forms would be used to collect the information.

Actual work would consist of visiting households on Matinicus and recording census information and transmitting that information to, probably, the local supervisor on Vinalhaven.

Further information can be obtained by calling Gregg Dorr on Vinalhaven at 207-239-0235